Crochet Purse - free pattern

Purses! - A tutorial on a basic pattern

Please note: Purses can be frustrating! Depending on the yarn it can be too rigid or too floppy. And consider the hardware! If you want to add a clasp or hook or button, it may dictate the type of yarn you'll use as well.

Pull out your favorite color of yarn and appropriate hook (check the wrapping for the hook recommendation). You'll need at least one ball/skein, but to be safe get 2. Also, you'll need a small ball/skein of a complementary color. I'll be making my purse with Brown and Green. 

The Base:

Row 1: Crochet 27 or stitches - the length will depend on how large you want your bag. Add a single crochet to the second stitch from the hook and all the way across.

When you reach the end, add 3 single crochet stitches to the last stitch and rotate 
(This pattern is crocheted 'in-the-round.' Which means that you don't turn and ch 1 and then continue, just rotate the whole thing and crochet back down the other side of your starting chain)

Single crochet across to the end. When you get there you are going to add two single crochet stitches to the last stitch.

Row 2:

  • Add 2 single crochet stitches to the first stitch, (March the first of the two SC stitches because this marks the first stitch of round 2, when you get all the way around and back to it, you know you've completed the row). 
  • SC across to the other end and then add 2SC to each of the 3 stitches at the end, 
  • SC across to the end and then add 2 SC to of the 2 stitches at the end (remember that you started with an increase so you only need to add 2 more to finish the row.  

When adding additional rows, you will increase 3 times at the each end. Make sure to space out the increases so that you get a well-rounded result. Try the following as an easy approach:
Row 3: (2scINC, sc), sc across, (2scINC, sc) x3, sc across, (2scINC, sc) x2
Row 4: (2scINC, 2sc), sc across, (2scINC, 2sc) x3, sc across, (2scINC, 2sc) x2
Row 5: (2scINC, 3sc), sc across, (2scINC, 3sc) x3, sc across, (2scINC, 2sc) x2

(In the above the same pattern repeats, but the bolded section increases - this is how you ensure consistent spacing between the increases. 2scINC = 2 sc in the same stitch to make an increase)

Continue adding rows until you feel your base is big enough, remember that your first row without increases will slope out, so maybe stop 1 row before you think it's big enough. 

Walls of Purse:
Next you need to start adding the walls. To do this you crochet all the way around without adding any additional stitches. At first it won't look like your going up, but give it 10 or so rows and it'll start looking very purse like. 

I wanted to add a few stripes so I stopped at row 15 or so and added a green stripe.

Ok so here's where I am right now. If I wanted to switch back to green there are two options:

1. Cut your yarn, sew in your end, and begin again with the new color (slip stitch, ch 1, sc in same stitch and all the way around.

2. Transition to the second color without starting a new row. This will leave a seam where you changed colors because we're making the purse 'in-the-round- so maybe change colors on the saide where the seam would be or go with option 1.

Option 2 instructions: First insert my hook and pull up a loop

Next, grab your new color and while holding the tail, yarn over with the new color.

Pull through to finish the stitch. This technique will ensure that the brown does not 'bleed over' into the next stitch.

To switch back repeat the same steps with the brown. 

You can then add more stripes or leave the whole purse one color. Totally up to you. once you get to a height that you like - it's time to talk straps

These are chain 5 base chain, 4 single crochets per row and about 15 inches long. I held them up to the bag repeatedly to make sure I'd be able to fit my forearm with an inch of moving around room to spare. once you have them at the length you want, you then sew them in.

I contemplated adding a fabric lining, but since I am not sewing machine friendly, I'm holding off on this.

So, with bated breath I present to you...I finished purse!!!

(You can also slip stitch, ch 1, and sc to add the straps to your purse, it's all about how you'd like it to look aesthetically.)

Thank you for trying out the Crochet By Karin purse tutorial. I’d love to see pictures of your completed project. To share, please find me at the following locations:

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