Single Crochet

Single crochet (SC) is the first stitch a beginning crocheter learns and there are many projects that you can complete using this stitch. Hats are fun, as well as scarves and pot holders.

To begin a row and SC (single crochet) you must first chain a row.
In this row we have five (5) working chains - the loop on the hook is not counted. When you are reading a patter and it says to do something 1, 2 or 3 loops from the hook do not count the loop on the hook as number one, but rather the next loop.

To begin our row of SC we first insert the hook in the second loop from the hook:
If you look just to the right of the hook you will see the top of the first loop. Also, notice that the hook is inserted in such a way that the top two loops of the chain are above the hook. This is a standard single crochet. Some patterns will tell you to only have the front of the back loop above the hook, but unless the pattern tells you - assume you are to complete a standard single crochet.

The next step would be to capture a bit of yarn in your hook and pull through, this will leave you with two loops on your hook.
To complete the SC (single crochet) capture another bit of yarn and pull through both loops:
You would then repeat the process for each chain until you reach the end:
At this point you will need to turn your piece to start your next row. I have not found a discernible difference between turning left or right so do what feels most comfortable. The first step is to create your turning chain - remember that the turning chain must end up being the same height as the row you will make - otherwise it will cause your piece to pucker. For a single crochet you will need to pull one loop or 'chain one' for the turning chain. You may then turn your piece and begin your next row.

See in the left photo I have pulled up one loop, in the right I have turned my piece.

The next step would be to insert your hook in the first stitch and make your first SC (single crochet)

You may then proceed through the entire row, creating a SC for each stitch. At the end of the row you would chain one, turn and begin the next row.

SC in the Front Loop
If you were to crochet in the front loops only, your piece would look like this:

The side facing you will look the same as a standard SC, but when you turn the piece you will see a ridge - this is made from the back loops not being part of the piece. This is to add visual interest to a hat or scarf the pattern may instruct you to crochet in those loops at a later point.

SC in the Back Loop
If you were to crochet in the back loops only, your piece would look like this:
Notice that the ridge is now on the side facing you.

If you happen to try this pattern - post a picture of your work on my Facebook site:
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