Half-Double Crochet

Half-Double Crochet (HDC)
(Multiple of 1 +2)

The Half Double Crochet (hdc) is a double crochet that was in a hurry so it skipped a step. This stitch is shorter than the double crochet and larger than a single. For the turning chain you would use two (2) chains - this is to allow space to prevent puckering and typically does not result in any gaping on the sides.

To complete the  Half Double Crochet first make your base chain. The base chain pattern is any multiple of 1 plus to loops for the turning chain. 

Here I have about 8 chains and I've already made a loop around the hook. This initial loop on the hook is what is used to makes the double in the double crochet.

The next step is to insert your hook and draw up your first chain loop. Remember we're using a 2 loop turning chain so insert your hook in the third chain from the hook (not counting the loop on the hook). 

Now you have three loops on the hook. If you were making a double crochet you would pull a loop of yarn through two of those loops and a second loop of yarn through the last two loops. The Half Double Crochet skips all the work and pulls a loop on yarn through all 3 loops on the hook:

Can you see all three loops connected by a single loop? This makes the Half Double Crochet (HDC). Continue making HDC stitches across your base chain. When you get to the end, chain 2 for your turning chain and flip your piece.

 The Half Double Crochet will result in a stiffer finished piece that has more air resistance than the double crochet (dc) and is great when varying the height of stitches to make a wavy pattern.

If you happen to try this pattern - post a picture of your work on my Facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CrochetByKarin/134647016599101
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