Double Crochet

Double Crochet

The Double Crochet (dc) is twice as tall as the single crochet and will provide you will an airy pattern with a lot of stretch and flexibility. This stitch is popular in sweaters and scarves, but won't be super warm unless you double up on layers.

So, let's get started...Chain a row of stitches:
(base chain = multiple of 1 +2 turning)

When crocheting your base chain for the Double Crochet stitch you can crochet any multiple of one, plus 2 for the turning chain. If you're reading a stitch guide many will provide you with this information so that you can use the pattern when you start creating your own pieces. For Double Crochet it's easy, you can pretty much crochet as many stitches as you want in your base chain - but not all stitches are this easy. For something like (multiple of 3 +2) you'll need to do some math and DEFINITELY crochet a test swatch to help you figure out sizes.

Ok, so once you've got your base chain crocheted you can turn to start your first row of DC (double crochet). Remember that your turning chain must be the same height as the stitch your making if you'd like your rows to look straight. Double crochet is the height of two chains so your turning chain must have two chains. This means that you insert your hook in the third chain from the hook (not counting the loop on the hook). AHHHH - but this is a double crochet, which means you need to add a loop to make it one more than a single crochet.

To upgrade a single to a double - yarn over a loop on the hook and then insert the hook in the third loop from the hook. Yarn over and pull up a loop. See below:

 Next, yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook. This will leave you with two loops on the hook. The original one and the one you just pulled.

To finish the double crochet you yarn over a second time and pull through the remaining two loops.

Continue across the entire row to make your first row. To start your next row, chain two loops for your turning chain, turn and add a double crochet (DC) to each dc from the previous row.
If we look at the completed project again - look closely at each double crochet, you should be able to see two single crochets - one on top of the other.

If you happen to try this pattern - post a picture of your work on my Facebook site:
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