Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Puppy of a Time

[The summer has past the tipping point! I'll sure miss it, need to get out there and enjoy the weather for another month before it's all gone!]
I may say that I want you to go.
I may push you away when you want to stay.
I may encourage, cajole, and demand.
But friend.
I hope you understand.
I want you to stay!
I do, I promise you.
But I also don't want you to stay.
I'm tired and ready for you to go
On your way.
I'm conflicted!
And unsure
But my heart is pure
And if I wasn't so tired
I'd say STAY!
for sure.

[Happy 1/2 past summer! hahaha... soon it will be craft show weather. The best time of year.]
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