Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Put your Anger in the Right Place

[I've got one of these, comes out with its 8 arms and messes up the place. You?]

A bubbling at first, alerts me to the storm. 
A wreckage of anger.
Fighting to be born.
I could push it down, reject the onslaught.
But what woudl be the benefit,
Of a fight not fought.
I say, "Bring on that storm."
Let your me run free.
Let the raging begin and end just as soon.
And you'll sipping tea by noon.
But holding it in, can take all day
And then you won't see the beauty
In a sunny ray.
You'll storm and fill the day with clouds.
When you could have gotten over it.
With a few stomps and yelling loud.
But be careful
And always remember the cause
It's you that caused it
Not anyone that gave you pause.
So rage on your own
Share your anger with only you
Because being mean to others
Is something you should never do.

[Self recitation? might be...]

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Lilac and Spruce

[I'm not saying I like lilac, but I'm not saying I like spruce either.]

A pie in the face is what I deserve ace. A kiss on the cheek would just make me look weak. I'm a maverick, a fiend, I'm not nice, I'm mean. But for you I'll change, for you I'll evolve, but don't expect me to be different, I'm a puzzle you can't solve. There's no key for me, no off button you can see. And just when you think you have me all figured out, I'll just reset and then run about. Enjoy me as I am, then wait for me to change, remember to relax, and I'll come running like a bang!

Love the chaos, love the friend.

[Like all special family holidays, there's that one unpredictable friend we love so much.]

Monday, August 14, 2017

Did You Hear That?

[Another weekend gone. More gardening completed. But oh goodness, 
I could do without the weed-wacker.]

Sitting in the sun, a bit of grass in my hair.
Listening to the rustle
Of my cute ones, the pair.
The giggles are electic
Exciting each cell
A joy to watch them run
A happiness that does compell
I want that kind of spirit
I want that level of fun
I want to enjoy it too
So let's go kids! Here I come.

[And another week to go, but just watch me, go go go]

Friday, August 11, 2017

A Change of Scenery

[I needed to get outside. Enjoy a bit of air. So I thought, why don't we all go there!]

There's time my friend, for you and I. We fight sometimes, we make each other cry. But that's how you learn, to get along. When you come back together and admit you were wrong. When you think of your friends, before yourself. When you work together, to defeat the envious elf. You hold together, tight as stone, you don't abandon each other, don't leave a friend alone. I'm headed out now, to see a chick-a-dee. A good friend, to me. And I hope you are too, and I wish you all the best. Now head off now! Go see the rest.

[Happy Friday! Have a fun weekend.]

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fun Outdoors

[I like little green bunnies. They are the cutest.]

You know when you go, hopping to and fro, you mix people up, wondering "where are they headed?" "I don't know."
And I think, "you know what" I know where they go, they're headed to the valley where the snow doesn't go. 
They head there in groups, in gatherings, and flocks. To throw off their jacket, sweaters, and smocks.
In the valley the sun shines each day of the year, and the weather is warm and the sky always clear.
Head there now, and meet them for tea, I'll be headed there too, you can meet me.

[mmmm, warm every day. Would like that.]

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Let Me Pose a Question

[That time when that person came running up and you got all excited because someone was rushing over to chat, and then all they said was 'can you hold my keys?']

Left out again and I'm feeling cold. I was standing in line, but perhaps I'm too old. No one picked me, didn't looked at me twice. I was ready to play, I would have been nice. Oh well, their loss, because I pretty great. They won't have as much fun, and that's their fate. I'm going shopping and buying new shoes. See how they like, feeling like old news.

[I'd pick you..swear.]

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Spring Flowers are All Gone

[It occurs to me that soon school will be back and the kids will be gone and the weather will be getting cold and the flowers will be replaced by orange leaves.]

The air is getting cooler
Not much, but just enough.
To remind me I'm out of time
To lay about in the buff
The days are getting shorter
No time for me you know
To get a bit of color
On my skin and toes
Soon the weather will change
The winds will being cool air
I'll be sad to grab my sweater
The seasons are sometimes unfair.

[Happy August!]

Monday, August 7, 2017

I Slept too Late

[Back to the day-to-day....meh, let's play]

I was asleep when you called
Slumbering in the dawn
I had work to do, but I hadn't recalled
I was deep in thought
And try as I might
I was caught.
One dream morphed into another.
And I could barely recover
But I'm here now
Ready to start
But now the day is over
Tomorrow, I'll take work to heart.

[Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow.]

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Puppy of a Time

[The summer has past the tipping point! I'll sure miss it, need to get out there and enjoy the weather for another month before it's all gone!]
I may say that I want you to go.
I may push you away when you want to stay.
I may encourage, cajole, and demand.
But friend.
I hope you understand.
I want you to stay!
I do, I promise you.
But I also don't want you to stay.
I'm tired and ready for you to go
On your way.
I'm conflicted!
And unsure
But my heart is pure
And if I wasn't so tired
I'd say STAY!
for sure.

[Happy 1/2 past summer! hahaha... soon it will be craft show weather. The best time of year.]
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