Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Prideful Ambition

[I strive, and I dive, and eventually, I will arrive.]

I refuse to be less than I am.
To be quiet when I am not
To hold fast when I want to RUN PAST.
Not me, not last.

I scream for air, 
I reach for release,
I fight for all that's worthwhile,
And pursue everlasting peace.

I will not suppress
To look like the rest
I will not imagine someone other than me
When I look in the mirror to see
I want to see me.

I will not select something other
I will not pretend
I will ask for what I want
My friend.

And you shouldn't ask any less from me.
As I ask
I too want YOU to be free
Free to be you
In every color and shape and size
In every magical surprise
To be us
A prize.

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