Monday, July 31, 2017

New Beginnings at Midnight

[A little R&R, but I didn't go far. This summer is on par, to be the hottest thus far.]

I have a secret my friend.
Can you come closer and pretend?
I don't want the others to hear
They'll be jealous I fear.
I enjoy each day
Because I have you with which to play.
You are brighter than the sunlight
And your warm permeates through
Are my favorite, 
solid and true.
I know I am difficult
Hard to understand
But you stay stoic
And provide me solid land
And I know when needed
You'll rock out with my band.
So thanks to you dear friend
Thanks to you and so much more
You, dear friend.
I truly adore.

[Rock out with your bestie this week and happy soon to be August!]
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