Monday, July 31, 2017

New Beginnings at Midnight

[A little R&R, but I didn't go far. This summer is on par, to be the hottest thus far.]

I have a secret my friend.
Can you come closer and pretend?
I don't want the others to hear
They'll be jealous I fear.
I enjoy each day
Because I have you with which to play.
You are brighter than the sunlight
And your warm permeates through
Are my favorite, 
solid and true.
I know I am difficult
Hard to understand
But you stay stoic
And provide me solid land
And I know when needed
You'll rock out with my band.
So thanks to you dear friend
Thanks to you and so much more
You, dear friend.
I truly adore.

[Rock out with your bestie this week and happy soon to be August!]

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Peace of Mind

[When the going gets tough, just remember, you're enough.]

I'm pretty confident
And sure
That I'm pretty awesome
And more
I'm pretty perfect
Quote a lot
I'm ever overflowing
Every pot
I cross all my tees
And my eyes
Every dot
That's a lot.

[Happy Wednesday!]

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Prideful Ambition

[I strive, and I dive, and eventually, I will arrive.]

I refuse to be less than I am.
To be quiet when I am not
To hold fast when I want to RUN PAST.
Not me, not last.

I scream for air, 
I reach for release,
I fight for all that's worthwhile,
And pursue everlasting peace.

I will not suppress
To look like the rest
I will not imagine someone other than me
When I look in the mirror to see
I want to see me.

I will not select something other
I will not pretend
I will ask for what I want
My friend.

And you shouldn't ask any less from me.
As I ask
I too want YOU to be free
Free to be you
In every color and shape and size
In every magical surprise
To be us
A prize.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Channeling a Few Thoughts

It's summer and it's hot, 
and I'm so busy, 
My head is filled with thought. 
I hope my apples don't rot.

I hope I get the laundry done.
I've run out of clothes,
Dirty clothes at work is no fun.
And I need to run.

Off I go again.
When you see this,
Click send.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bigger Than Life

Been working all day
All day and night
Gotta get it finished
Gotta get it right
Can't phone it in
Can't break for zen
Just add coffee
And keep going till the end
Perfection is impossible
But I can try
And I will continue
To seek perfection
And not just get by.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bring it Together

[A new staff person is joining the team today. So excited!]
I was sitting at a table set for one.
Sipping my water, having no fun.
I'd forgotten my book,
And this cute old lady was giving me a look.
I needed help! And out of no where you arrived
It was quite the surprise.

Even though we'd never met before then
I really felt that we were kin
We talked books and movies
Games and fun
And we invited over all those
Sitting at their own tables of one.
A game broke out,
And we enjoyed the night
And at the end of it all
I felt pretty alright.

[Happy Monday! Hope your day is filled with new fun things!]

Friday, July 7, 2017

On this Friday

[Another wonderful summer rain rolled in and covered everything is a significant amount 
of wetness. But the flowers!....]

And the rain came.
I sat alone in quiet
Writing my thoughts.
I whispered to myself
As I sat on my cot.
The room became darker
Darker than before
And sky began to thunder
As my skin paled.
And the rain came.
In thunderous sheets
And pounding pellets from the sky
I shuddered and hunched down.
Hoping it would blow by
My thoughts were on other things
But not for long
Not with the unrelenting throng
I needed to listen
And soak in the sounds
When the rain came
I was found.

[Happy happy crochet Friday. Happy crocheting this weekend.. maybe in the a storm.]

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Being Friendly

[I hope everyone had a fun weekend! Now we're back to work and getting busy!]

It was not a day for working
Not a day for toil
The sun was out
It was beginning to boil
Water was needed
And lots of it
Water to hide from the sun
Towering above it.
So off we ran
No time for food or fan
To settle in for a day
Of staying as cool as we can
We told jokes and laughed
We got pretty wet trading a splash
And then the day began to settle
The sun began to fade
We both headed home
To sleep in our beds that we made. 

[That's how I imagine the weekend went, but I admit mine was filled with a few more childish tantrums and an unforgivable amount of pink lemonade.]
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