Friday, June 9, 2017

When the Tired Sets In

[It's been such a long week. I may sleep all weekend and get nothing done.]

I'd open my eyes, but they'd only drift slowly shut.
I need to run errands, but here I am
Sitting on my butt.
It's not that I'm in a rutt.
I'm tired.

I keep going at a monstrous pace
Taking on each task like it's a race
And now
My exhaustion is my most important case.
I'm tired.

So I will sit.
Right here.
Really with no fear.
Because you can't get me to move
My dear.
I'm unmovable today.
Today I will not play
I will not work.
I'm not being a jerk,
I'm tired.

[Happy Friday all!! I'll be getting lots of rest!]
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