Monday, June 26, 2017

Team Challenge

[I *could do it all on my own. But I'm not an engineer, so you better help.]

I go where you go,
I do what you do,
It works better for me.
Than it does for you.

You get mad
But never at me
You try several times
But simply can't see

So we move on
And try as you might
I continue to excel
And you continue to fight

You make a great leader
Simply the best
But let me be better
At all the rest

It's ok to just lead
And make good decisions
You don't need to be skilled
At nuclear fission.

I'll follow your lead
And let you take point
And when I build spaceships
Don't let your nose twist out of joint.

Together we'll fly high
And explore all of space
And we'll do it together
Because we were a team and it wasn't a race.

[To those special people in our lives that know how to read Ikea instructions, you rock.]
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