Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Don't Let the World Get You Down

[I'm having one of those nervous about tomorrow moments.]

I won't be defeated today. I won't be knocked down or told to stay. I have big plans, goals for tomorrow. I don't plan on wallowing in sorrow. When I meet an obstacle, I pick a new path. When I encounter a troll, I display my wrath. I defend myself to all or none, sometimes it's against yourself that life must be won. And I will win, because continuing on let's you begin again. I will keep trying, keep carrying on, and in the end I'll hear that song. The song they sing about your journey and troubles, about the obstacles you overcame and your trips and stubbles. And I will smile to myself because each day begins a new, and each day I have new goals to pursue. It's the goals that carry me on, and reaching them that drives me to awaken to the dawn. I look eagerly to what's next in store, each time a chance to grasp for more. More sun to warm my skin, a breeze to rustle my hair, and an adventure to share. Follow me my friends....if you dare.

[Ok, ready.]
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