Friday, June 23, 2017

Climb Higher

[It is finally Friday, it's been a long week. Lot's of happenings. Time for fun.]

I will climb up.
I won't give in.
You'll lift me higher
Just bend down and I'll dig in.

It's you for me.
My success is won.
You'll lift me higher.
Or we're both undone. 

I reach up.
Nearly there.
I just need your height.
I don't have a chair.

And once on top?
I'll rule this world.
One awesome success.
A new path unfurled.

Only up from here.
With you walking the path.
I'll sit comfortably
Up on your back. 

Let's ride!

[Ok, so obviously, everyone go claim that victory on your own or with a team. Go find a chair, don't be mean. Happy Friday.]

News!! My Elephant pattern is now available on Etsy as a kit and Ravelry as a pattern. 
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