Friday, June 2, 2017

A Restful Moment

[I think we all needed this.]

I hopped around.
Collecting food.
I would have stopped
If I could.
But the babies were hungry
And I was all out of berries.
It's not like food
Is brought by ferries.
"We need to do the work!"
I say to myself. 
and hoping for help.
But help won't be coming.
Because I'm all that there is
And even monumental tasks
Eventually fizz.
We can wait it out or climb to new peaks.
With our own determination
We can find if we seek.
And the babies will be fed.
And our spirits lighted.
We just need to push.
And not be frightened.
And when wins are gained
And losses lessened.
We can lay for a nap.
And not let the stress in.

[Happy Friday!]

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