Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Fresh Summer Day

[My favorite animal, my favorite color, my favorite time of year.]

I can't be glum with the sun shining so bright
I can't be sad, it just isn't right.
The rays of warmth should cheer me up.

But I look down sadly into this cup.
Maybe it's the drink that is now all hot

Or the sandwich that fell on the ground to rot.
Maybe it's the skin on my knee that is now red
I didn't like falling and now I want to fall back to bed.
I shouldn't be glum with the sun shining so bright.
But I guess sometimes you just can't fight.
I mean, "my sandwich!" I said with wild gestures
It was so delicious, and now it'll just fester.
I would have eaten it
And now my knee hurts
And when I fell and skinned it, it got covered in dirt
So now I'll get an infection
And need antibiotics
So yea, this day, definitely doesn't rock it.
But that's ok,
Tomorrow will be better
The weather man is calling for rain and bad weather. 

[It's cheerful, but not at the same time. Just like Thursday.]
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