Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Day in the Low Lying Trees

[I think if I was going to create a fantasy world where nothing bad happened, but fun adventures were frequent, that there woudl have to be multicolored, strangely shaped trees. Definitely a must.]

There's nothing they can do
To you
To make your dreams untrue.
They are true enough
To you.

I dream big each day
I imagine my worries
Floating away.
I carry flowers and say.
To my worries.
Go away!

I could let the clouds roll in.
But my patience is running thin.
So there will be no gray
In my day.
Only sun and my grin.

Be free sunny day.
I've got this one
Go play. 

[Aha! Enjoy that sunlight. Even that one small ray.]

Run fast,
Run true.
Don't be me
Be you.
Carry courage
Dump the fear.
Run fast
Run clear.
Don't compromise
Don't listen
To lies.
Always true
Don't be me
Be you.
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