Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Conflict Brewing

[When all looks peaceful, that's when it strikes.]

I think you're treasuring me, but really your appraising what you see. My worth is quite large, but you see only ones, I'm a monster of awesome, you think I'm all done. I'm just warming up, readying to strike, you see weakness and things you don't like. You're not giving me credit, only seeing my flaws, I'm rocking great things, but you're only giving ta tas. Well, that is all fine. Head out your own way. I've got magical things, I'm planning to today. I'll miss you of course, but only so much. I saw in you greatness, but you only saw what you couldn't touch. And I need my time for bigger things, greater paths, and new songs to sing. I'm ever expanding to fill my own space, you're looking for something, but not in the race. So ta ta my friend, I wish you the best, now I'm off to discover happiness and zest.

[Enjoy exploring today!]
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