Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Bit of Sunshin

[June has arrived not a minute too soon. I'm falling for summer, catch while I swoon.]

Pretty plant so colorful, so sweet.
I wish I liked mushrooms,
You look good enough to eat. 
Your spots speak volumes,
And excite my very pores
Wish that I could taste you,
I would be searching for more.
But alas I don't eat toadstools
Not Shiitake or Morel
But I assure you if I did
Seeing you would make my heart swell.
So live on, sweet button.
Enjoy the sun today.
Tomorrow I'll be back
To shower you in love
Each day.

[Ah, unrequited love. All we need is a third party to make this interesting!]

Today is special
Although every day unique
Today is the day I've been waiting for
And I've found what I seek.
Today I meet my goals
And reach for new amongst the stars.
Today I remember where I've been
And set new goals out far.
Today I celebrate
Because success comes in small rewards
Today I'm thankful for each small hurdle
And the crossing of each fjord.
I revel in the joy
That each success brings
And I wait for tomorrow
To celebrate all new things.

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