Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday is Fabulous

[For those of you enjoying a long weekend, may the sparklers be bright.]

Unabashedly brilliant
In every way.
I don't need to fit in
To play
I'm boisterous
and wonderful
And all around great
I only have good things
As my fate.
I'm cheerful and kind
I don't tend to wine
And being your friend
Would be awfully fine.
Bring in the band
Play a few tunes
Let's have us some fun
This sunny afternoon.

[happy happy, cheerful on top, get out and party, until you flop.]

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Fresh Summer Day

[My favorite animal, my favorite color, my favorite time of year.]

I can't be glum with the sun shining so bright
I can't be sad, it just isn't right.
The rays of warmth should cheer me up.

But I look down sadly into this cup.
Maybe it's the drink that is now all hot

Or the sandwich that fell on the ground to rot.
Maybe it's the skin on my knee that is now red
I didn't like falling and now I want to fall back to bed.
I shouldn't be glum with the sun shining so bright.
But I guess sometimes you just can't fight.
I mean, "my sandwich!" I said with wild gestures
It was so delicious, and now it'll just fester.
I would have eaten it
And now my knee hurts
And when I fell and skinned it, it got covered in dirt
So now I'll get an infection
And need antibiotics
So yea, this day, definitely doesn't rock it.
But that's ok,
Tomorrow will be better
The weather man is calling for rain and bad weather. 

[It's cheerful, but not at the same time. Just like Thursday.]

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I Think We Should Recalibrate

[So stoked that I completed my elephant pattern the other day. 
Makes me want to keep going! And try new patterns.]

I've grabbed my things
And I'm headed out.
Gonna discover this world
And what it's all about
There's a calling in the wind
Singing to me
It says DEPART!
And I'm ready to be free.
So off I go
Into the wind.
Where this journey ends
My new one begins. 

[Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week!]

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Elephant up High

[I'm just tickled pink y'all. My elephant pattern is now complete and published! Check out Etsy to purchase a crochet kit and Ravelry to purchase the pattern. So now some cheerful poetry.]

A cheerful day,
A day of play

A fun event
Didn't cost a cent.

I just ran around
And guzzled water down.

And ran some more
Because I'm no bore.

It was wonderful!
I totally rule.

And you my dear
Are a jewel.

[Happy Tuesday! Hope you're enjoying a warm, happy, entertaining, and successful week!]

Monday, June 26, 2017

Team Challenge

[I *could do it all on my own. But I'm not an engineer, so you better help.]

I go where you go,
I do what you do,
It works better for me.
Than it does for you.

You get mad
But never at me
You try several times
But simply can't see

So we move on
And try as you might
I continue to excel
And you continue to fight

You make a great leader
Simply the best
But let me be better
At all the rest

It's ok to just lead
And make good decisions
You don't need to be skilled
At nuclear fission.

I'll follow your lead
And let you take point
And when I build spaceships
Don't let your nose twist out of joint.

Together we'll fly high
And explore all of space
And we'll do it together
Because we were a team and it wasn't a race.

[To those special people in our lives that know how to read Ikea instructions, you rock.]

Friday, June 23, 2017

Climb Higher

[It is finally Friday, it's been a long week. Lot's of happenings. Time for fun.]

I will climb up.
I won't give in.
You'll lift me higher
Just bend down and I'll dig in.

It's you for me.
My success is won.
You'll lift me higher.
Or we're both undone. 

I reach up.
Nearly there.
I just need your height.
I don't have a chair.

And once on top?
I'll rule this world.
One awesome success.
A new path unfurled.

Only up from here.
With you walking the path.
I'll sit comfortably
Up on your back. 

Let's ride!

[Ok, so obviously, everyone go claim that victory on your own or with a team. Go find a chair, don't be mean. Happy Friday.]

News!! My Elephant pattern is now available on Etsy as a kit and Ravelry as a pattern. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm Reaching

[It was a rough day today. I think I need more sunlight to brighten me up.]

Let the sun shine on you
Let the warmth kiss your skin
Take a minute
And drink the brightness in.

Set aside your worries
For just a moment in your day
A few minutes
To let the annoying stuff fade away.

Feel refreshed in the summer sun
Ready to head out again
And not be undone.
You're stronger still
For what you've done
Taking a minute
Means you've won.

[Ahh, that's just what I needed. Sunlight and cheerfulness. Pass it on!]

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Bit Gruff

[We haven't see the bug boss in a while so, I thought I'd dust him off for a bit of fun. Sometimes, you need to let your evil out right? A little hiding the remote control to make you feel better. Only cheeky pranks for this little bug.]

When I thought I'd be free
You came back to bother me.
With your cheerful spirit
And annoying glee.

I'm lost in my thoughts,
No time for your joy.
You think you're friendly,
But you really do annoy.

My concentration is wrecked.
My brain tired and bedecked,
By your happy tales
Which are embellished I suspect.

Be off with you!
Leave me to my blue
I'm not ready to entertain
Or the fat to chew.

Just monotone thoughts
Or a curse or two
Is what I have planned
And there's no room for you.

Try the neighbor down the way
She's always up for play
Or a puzzle on a Sunday
Or happy words to say.

I'm not fit for visiting
No fun at all.
You deserve better
Than my angry free-for-all

Try me again tomorrow
Or the next day, or further still
Eventually my anger will reach it's fill.
And then I'll welcome you
And cheer your arrival.
But not today
Today is about survival.

[Fighting through the angries is hard work, keep hydrated, we'll all wait you out.]

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Around Town

[No caption, just enjoy]

There is no better place.

Here I feel the warmth on my feet, the sunny day on my crown. I'm at peace in this day, I was looking and I found.

I peered down, amongst the grass and the stones and I saw you, and I wasn't alone. We're together in this place, enjoying the sky. Enjoying the atmosphere that surrounds and floats by.

And we can be peaceful together, a unifying calm. A happiness that follows and covers like balm. It won't last I know, and soon the present will show. But in the past we can revel in how fantastical we thought we'd grow.

[Aww, life makes dreamers out of all of us.]

Pony pattern found here

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Playful Spirit

[Did everyone enjoy a nice weekend? I sure hope so. It was kind of special day over the weekend ... Father's Day!! to all the father figures out there and the mom's pulling double duty, 
thanks for being so great.]

A bit of fun each day
You always find time for play
I was worried about school
You said it was cool.
Together we'd count the day away.

You taught me to read and write
You encouraged me not to fight
You gave me hugs
Protected me from bugs
And in the darkness, you gave me light.

I love who you
I love you from near or far.
Together we're strong
We always get along
Your the best and brightest star.

[And a new week is here!]

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer is Hot

[In breaking news, it was super hot today.]

A big ball of light,
Hotter than fire
Sits above us all
Never to expire
It rotates with grace
Convulses with fury
It fills us with terror
Wonder and worry.
Plants worship the ball
Looking up each day
To catch every glimmer
Gleam and ray
We treasure the warmth
And cheer that it brings
It makes things seem happy
And is good for all things.
And at night we are sad
Until daylight breaks again
We look up cheerfully
And ask where it's been.
But the ball never tells
Never says a thing
So we're left to wonder
About the ball that was king.

[Yes, worship the ball, it brings the light. Mmmm, light.]

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Conflict Brewing

[When all looks peaceful, that's when it strikes.]

I think you're treasuring me, but really your appraising what you see. My worth is quite large, but you see only ones, I'm a monster of awesome, you think I'm all done. I'm just warming up, readying to strike, you see weakness and things you don't like. You're not giving me credit, only seeing my flaws, I'm rocking great things, but you're only giving ta tas. Well, that is all fine. Head out your own way. I've got magical things, I'm planning to today. I'll miss you of course, but only so much. I saw in you greatness, but you only saw what you couldn't touch. And I need my time for bigger things, greater paths, and new songs to sing. I'm ever expanding to fill my own space, you're looking for something, but not in the race. So ta ta my friend, I wish you the best, now I'm off to discover happiness and zest.

[Enjoy exploring today!]

Monday, June 12, 2017

Backup in Case of Spills

[My partner in crime is anti-crime. Makes for a goody combination.]

We are not always in tune.
Our thoughts don't always match.
We rarely like the same things.
But we've never hit a rough patch.

I like that you are different
You make me think of new things.
We could argue for hours
But treat each other like rationale beings.

And when I get hurt
Or am feeling especially sad.
You are there no matter what
And that makes me so glad.

So keep being you.
And liking what you do.
I wouldn't have you any other way.
You're the best
At being you.

[Ok, no more mushy awesome friendship poetry. Only cheeky silly stuff until Friday...maybe.]

Friday, June 9, 2017

When the Tired Sets In

[It's been such a long week. I may sleep all weekend and get nothing done.]

I'd open my eyes, but they'd only drift slowly shut.
I need to run errands, but here I am
Sitting on my butt.
It's not that I'm in a rutt.
I'm tired.

I keep going at a monstrous pace
Taking on each task like it's a race
And now
My exhaustion is my most important case.
I'm tired.

So I will sit.
Right here.
Really with no fear.
Because you can't get me to move
My dear.
I'm unmovable today.
Today I will not play
I will not work.
I'm not being a jerk,
I'm tired.

[Happy Friday all!! I'll be getting lots of rest!]

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Don't Let the World Get You Down

[I'm having one of those nervous about tomorrow moments.]

I won't be defeated today. I won't be knocked down or told to stay. I have big plans, goals for tomorrow. I don't plan on wallowing in sorrow. When I meet an obstacle, I pick a new path. When I encounter a troll, I display my wrath. I defend myself to all or none, sometimes it's against yourself that life must be won. And I will win, because continuing on let's you begin again. I will keep trying, keep carrying on, and in the end I'll hear that song. The song they sing about your journey and troubles, about the obstacles you overcame and your trips and stubbles. And I will smile to myself because each day begins a new, and each day I have new goals to pursue. It's the goals that carry me on, and reaching them that drives me to awaken to the dawn. I look eagerly to what's next in store, each time a chance to grasp for more. More sun to warm my skin, a breeze to rustle my hair, and an adventure to share. Follow me my friends....if you dare.

[Ok, ready.]

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Day in the Low Lying Trees

[I think if I was going to create a fantasy world where nothing bad happened, but fun adventures were frequent, that there woudl have to be multicolored, strangely shaped trees. Definitely a must.]

There's nothing they can do
To you
To make your dreams untrue.
They are true enough
To you.

I dream big each day
I imagine my worries
Floating away.
I carry flowers and say.
To my worries.
Go away!

I could let the clouds roll in.
But my patience is running thin.
So there will be no gray
In my day.
Only sun and my grin.

Be free sunny day.
I've got this one
Go play. 

[Aha! Enjoy that sunlight. Even that one small ray.]

Run fast,
Run true.
Don't be me
Be you.
Carry courage
Dump the fear.
Run fast
Run clear.
Don't compromise
Don't listen
To lies.
Always true
Don't be me
Be you.

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Restful Moment

[I think we all needed this.]

I hopped around.
Collecting food.
I would have stopped
If I could.
But the babies were hungry
And I was all out of berries.
It's not like food
Is brought by ferries.
"We need to do the work!"
I say to myself. 
and hoping for help.
But help won't be coming.
Because I'm all that there is
And even monumental tasks
Eventually fizz.
We can wait it out or climb to new peaks.
With our own determination
We can find if we seek.
And the babies will be fed.
And our spirits lighted.
We just need to push.
And not be frightened.
And when wins are gained
And losses lessened.
We can lay for a nap.
And not let the stress in.

[Happy Friday!]

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Bit of Sunshin

[June has arrived not a minute too soon. I'm falling for summer, catch while I swoon.]

Pretty plant so colorful, so sweet.
I wish I liked mushrooms,
You look good enough to eat. 
Your spots speak volumes,
And excite my very pores
Wish that I could taste you,
I would be searching for more.
But alas I don't eat toadstools
Not Shiitake or Morel
But I assure you if I did
Seeing you would make my heart swell.
So live on, sweet button.
Enjoy the sun today.
Tomorrow I'll be back
To shower you in love
Each day.

[Ah, unrequited love. All we need is a third party to make this interesting!]

Today is special
Although every day unique
Today is the day I've been waiting for
And I've found what I seek.
Today I meet my goals
And reach for new amongst the stars.
Today I remember where I've been
And set new goals out far.
Today I celebrate
Because success comes in small rewards
Today I'm thankful for each small hurdle
And the crossing of each fjord.
I revel in the joy
That each success brings
And I wait for tomorrow
To celebrate all new things.

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