Monday, May 8, 2017

Take My Picture

[Group photos show you who's the joker in the group.]

Oh mommy
Oh daddy.
I came to this shoot pretty sick.
Oh mommy 
Oh daddy.
I need to get out of here quick.

I may have lied and said I was fine.
But I'm really not at all.
I could stay, but I might hurl, 
So that's your call.

Oh mommy
Oh daddy.
I might faint, I don't really know.
Oh mommy
Oh daddy.
I'm sorry this is knocking me low.

I guess I could have stayed home this time.
But I really wanted to come.
I'm part of this family after all.
I thought it might be kinda fun.

But this cold I guess has one.

[Right so maybe a second one just for you guys.]

 Six little babies, all in line.
It was Friday, photo time.
They all sit down.
Not a single frown.
Gonna get this photo down.
But then one pops up.
And I interrupt
To say - Cheers! - in time.
They all look my way.
The crowd cheers 'hurrah'
And another good photo today.

[Happy happy Monday, happy happy funday, gonna have fun today. But it doesn't work out, then no need to shout, just go get doughnuts today!. Hurray]

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