Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Slowly Sinking

[I was thinking today that sometimes I feel like I'm way on top of everything, got it all put together and I'm flying solo just fine. Then things start to pile up and weigh me down and I feel like I'm slowly sinking. So I'm thinking it's the juggling that matters. Keeping enough off the pile to keep you floating, but not so much that you get to high up. Or something like that.]

I was on top of it all
On top of my hill
I was living the life
Enjoying the thrill

But then you came along
And weighed me down
You came with baggage and mess
And it made me frown

I  don't need those grams
Tipping my scales
I've altitude to gain
I need wind in my sails

I need to be my own wind
Pushing me higher
Forget cheerleaders
I need to be my own choir

I could stay with you
Down here on the ground
But I was made to fly
Not to be bound

I need the wind in my hair
And the sun on my skin
I may struggle to climb up
But I know I can win

[Just keep on pushing through the fog, that's what I tell myself. The fog burns off in the sun.]

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