Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Planning for the Best Day Ever

Hey Phil, what's with the boat.
It's going to rain today.
But it can't rain that much can it?
I like to be prepared for anything.

I plan out each step.
I write down each plan.
I visit each spot.
I research as much as I can.
I host meetings every week.
I explain and I teach.
I educate on the pitfalls and tricks.
My Power Points are pretty slick.
I do all the right things.
To get the result that I want.
But I can't ever prepare.
For you going, my sweet aunt.
You are a treasure beyond reason.
A fun family member for sure.
But out on an adventure.
You could get lost on a tour.
So I plan for you the most.
With second,
and fourth ideas
All lined up.
Because I want you to have fun.
Not end up in the dirt
On your butt.

[Happy Hump Day! Hope your Wednesday is a happy adventure!]
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