Tuesday, May 30, 2017

On a Day so Bright

[I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. For some, a time for family, others, a time for remembrance. Whatever your plans, I hope they were spent filled with warm weather and sunny days.]

I rejoice for the sun,
Shinning so bright.
It brings us cheer,
No need to fight.
I rejoice for the cool wind,
Licking against my skin
It makes me thankful
For the happiness within.
I rejoice in my friends
The pals that wait for me
We have big plans
Of running wild in the trees.
And I rejoice for you.
My strength each day.
You shine the brightest
Brighter than the sun's ray.
You keep me warm,
And cool me with your breeze.
You make me laugh
You say 'good health' when I sneeze.
You are my friend,
My confidante,
My one and only,
All I want.

[Happy Tuesday! Have a warm sunny day!]

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