Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Brother, My Sister

[Spoke to my sister today, because...I call her every day? 
Good to hear from her, it'd been so long!!!]

I saw my sister today in the park.
She was out with her friends
They stayed out past dark.
I was busy with my brother Ed.
They came home after I'd gone to bed.
I didn't see her the next day.
I was outside when she left to play
And then again tomorrow too.
It was making me sad and blue.
And then the weekend came along.
I woke up thinking she was surely gone.
But when I traipsed down the stairs.
There she was, she was there.
She'd made a plan for her and I
To play together, I could cry.
I admit I missed her
Missed her so much.
And my sister, brother, and me
We played double dutch.

[Just makes me want to hug all those brothers and sisters.]

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