Thursday, May 11, 2017

Buzzing about Mom

[I've heard a bit of whispering in hushed tones that a special day may be coming up. And I'm super excited to celebrate.]

There's a buzzing in my ear that a special day is near and I await with no fear to celebrate someone most dear. A special lady, a close pal, a real winner, a great gal. She's always there for humor and a bit of fun, she's a class act, first place, number one. She lifts me up, carries me through, keeps me going, gives me things to do. She brightens each day, lifts each spirit she meets along the way, and today, tomorrow, next week, she'll be the one that, when in trouble, I'll seek. She wants the best for me, and for me to see, the beauty she sees in me craving to be free. She is the greatest, the best, she's all mine, and cheers to all the rest. Making each day better, each year the best, being ever a comfort and giving each moment in life extra zest. 

[Almost there moms, cheers to you.]
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