Friday, May 26, 2017

Beach Day at Sea

[It's been raining and pouring and raining again. I can just see the 
lighting and am happy to have house to hid in.]

A Bit a Beach Day Fun

You must remember that day at that time. Where you and I ventured for a sandwich and wine. The air smelled of oysters and the salt stuck to my face. You laughed at me as sand flew all over the place. We were building a castle, I was going to be king. But you got mad when sand got stuck in your ring. And with my incredible might, I destroyed that castle and made it all right. The sun was warm that day, warmer still than now, as we stand among friends, taking our vow. I promise to be me always and forever, I promise to love you in bad times and in better. I promise to listen, but not always agree, remember you promised to always love me. 

[Happy weekend everyone.]
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