Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A New Beginning

[The week just started and it's already 1/2 way done. Just the way I like it.]

I'm headed out your way my dear. To see you about that coat. The one you borrowed from me, that got eaten by a goat. I don't want to hear the story. Not interested in your tale. I just want a new coat, something on sale. Red would be good. It'd make my eyes pop. I hope you know you're buying; It'd mean a lot. I'll stop by in a few, I need to pick up lunch. If you could be ready to go, that would help a bunch. You want to eat too? Well, yes, please do. But I'm not buying for you. So when I get there, we'll head out to the store. I'm only buying a coat, nothing more. If you have shopping to do, I suggest you drive there too. I won't be waiting around, while you buy other items, not even if only a few. And then we'll head for dinner. That place with all the lights. I think it'll end the day well, and we can go back to being nice. So be ready when I show up, be dressed and ready to go, I don't want to wait too long, for you to show. 

Thanks friend,
You're my bestie, don't you know.

[For all those failed sharing moments.]
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