Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Bit of Piece and Quiet

[I like to cherish those 1-4 minutes when my kids can't find me to just stare off into 
space and not hear a sound.]

Not a whisper.
Not a breeze.
I'd be shocked
To hear a sneeze.
A pitter patter
fills my ears.
A cherished sound
That few hears.
It's the bunnies
Hopping forth.
Searching for food
Back and forth.
It's the rain
Falling now
And then the crack
Of lightening, POW.
I see a deer 
Off across the field
It's on track
It will not yield.
I'm glad to be here
Safe and dry.
Watching life
Wander by.

[Peacefulness only lasts so long. Glad I got to soak it in.]

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