Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Two Friends at Odds

[I need to secretly eat toast with cinnamon and sugar because 
little mice steal bites when my back is turned.]

They tippie tippie toe into each quiet room.
They sneak and they prance,
Over my snackies they loom.
And from each delicate morsel,
They steal just a bite or two.
And then off they scamper,
To repeat the process on you.
They are sneaks! I tell you.
Sneaky and brave.
To steal little bites,
And yet most they save.
So that I get the most,
But I'm still very annoyed.
I feel that with my emotions,
They very much have toyed. 
So I've set a trap for them.
A clever little trick.
To catch them up,
Silently, but quick.
And then we'll discover,
Who these little thieves are.
And I bet they aren't mice
Riding around in a tiny car.
No, they are much bigger I think,
And soon we'll know
Who are these creatures who slink.
Slink and slither
Tiptoe all a tither
To steal my yums.
And set me all a blither. 
A warning to all,
From me to you.
Don't steal my snackies
Or I'll catch you too. 

[I really like my toast with cinnamon and sugar.]
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