Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mom Advice

[I said mom advice, but really, a dad, mom, auntie, uncle, etc all count.]

My Advice to You

Be kind to the littlest kid, Sweet to the biggest bloke,
Humble when you have more than most.
Giving when your friends are broke.

Be the one that stands up for good.
Be that one,
That does what they should
Be the one,
That's always there.
Be the one,
That comes running
When no one else will dare.

Be you.
Be everything you can.
Don't let anyone limit you.
And when your convictions falter
Stand up for you.
Stand tall for others.
Stand proud for me.
Stand strong for your sisters and brothers.

And be you.
Just you.
And to yourself
Be true. 

[And can apply this to more than just the kiddos too :) ]
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