Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm Sharing...for now

[When I mess up, I find humor to be a great salve.]

What I told my friend was "I brake things all the time." What I really meant was "I brake your stuff every day."

Here, have chocolate.

I will share this with you,
I know you're blue.
I made a bad choice.
And you did too.

Why would you trust me?
I'm unreliable, can't you see?
I loose everyone's stuff,
 That's the person I happen to be.

I'm forgetful and it's rude.
Way worse than sneaking food.
I borrow for a while,
And then lose things with no style.

I admit that thing you lost,
Was petty boss.
But it mustn't have been that great,
If you let me take it on that date.
You could have said no.
Where is it now? I don't know.

But I'll try very hard to get it back.
Maybe it's just in my sack.
Or behind the couch or in the woods.
I swear, I did all that I could.
But keeping track of things? I'm no good.

So I'll share with you.
I know you're blue.
If I'd shared with me,
I'd be blue too.

[Haha, is there a lesson there? not sure....]
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