Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Bunny Day and all That Jazz

[I was feeling all excited about a great long weekend and then needed to produce a report that took hours and never got anywhere because I couldn't get the report program to work properly. I know you'all know how I'm feeling right now...]

I should be having the time of my life. But no, I'm annoyed my day is filled with strife. I should have gotten loads and loads done, but no, in the end I was completely undone. I should be giggling and playing with the kids, but no, I'm annoyed and walking around throwing lids. Things that seem easy, should be just that. I should not be huffing and puffing, steam shouldn't be blowing off my hat. I could SCREAM! But people would just think I was mean. No, it's their fault. Those people who made things seem all so easy, easy peezie, lemon squeezie. But it was wasn't easy, not at all. It was surely, my complete downfall. So boo on them, those terrible people, messing up my day, making me feel old and feeble. I hope they know, just how much they messed up. And they better fix it, because I"m not giving up! I will annoy and pester until my very last day, because I do't let up, I don't go away. They crossed the wrong person, when they messed up their codes, and they will regret it, loads and loads. 

[I'm very pestery when I want to be, bad programmers be warned....]
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