Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Wrap-up

[Did I watch the draft last night? yes. Was it entertaining? Very much so. Who doesn't love a little red carpet, people crying, finding out you got the job, and a game of strategy and cloak and daggers.]

So in summary, we walked a long way, didn't stop to play, ran past a lion, headed our way and off again off again, sprinted away. And that was just a small portion of today. There were bears a plenty, traps and ravines, an old bitter woman who was awfully mean. A cart we had brought, was abandoned when we got caught, trying to steal berries from an old man's lot. We managed a few and lost the rest, but they were delicious, truly the best. And there were hills! so many hills. Difficult to climb, a thrill to descend, my legs will take forever to mend. Worth it for sure! Worthwhile to endure, because oh my, such adventure! Another day done and boy was is fun, can't wait till tomorrow when again we run. 

[Have fun running tomorrow! I might do a bit of hill climbing myself.]
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