Thursday, April 27, 2017

Draft Night Tonight

[My husband reminded me that tonight is draft night and now I'm tickled. A little red carpet (mom's look so great with their sons!!), a little unexpected surprises, a little worry and uncertainty, and a whole lot of booing! lol. I hope everyone that is watching enjoys the draft!! I know I will.]

The Draft is Coming

I'm not getting picked and neither are you. I'm not sad, nor am I blue. Ok, that's not true. I'm certainly blue, but I won't be crying like an actor on cue. I've got things to do! 

Tonight is the draft! Time really flew fast. Just to think a few months ago, I was having a blast. Screaming for the Patriots to kick some...booty. 

Now it's draft time again and I've invited over friends. We're going to watch the chaos unfold each night till it ends. I've got sheets of suggestions, days of advice, but we both know my predictions won't be right by thrice. 

Who'll go first? Who will go last, those guys on night one will be having a blast. 

I'm looking for running backs! Wide receivers and tight ends. I'm looking to have fun, celebrating with friends. 

Perhaps we should pick a few guys to defend...

[Happy draft night!] 

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