Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Around the Fire

[The weather is shifting, it might just be time for outdoor 
camping instead of indoor camping, e.g. sleeping in beds.]

Away on a voyage,
No place to lay down.
I stare at the fire
My face sporting a frown.
I thought there'd be cabins
With a fridge and beds
But a fire awaited me
And stars overhead.
It could be nice
Could be fun.
But I'm not keen on sleeping
Next to everyone
Uncle Tim Snores
Rob is a bore.
Francy's too nice
Jen...I just can't take any more.
A little piece and quiet
Would be so nice 
But I guess the rocky ground
Will be my sacrifice.
I wasn't the best hiker
It took double the time.
I admit I may have cried
In between each whine.

A fire so bright
A fire burns hot.
A campfire brings us together
And that means a lot. 

[Here's hoping we all make new friends around the campfire.]
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