Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Little Knowledge on Me

[Truth, a brownie is very different from a blondie.]

I like food.
All kinds of food. 
A little spice is very nice.
A bit of melon will get you yelling.
A row of cookies, oh gosh, oh lookies!
Every flavor pie, oh my
And of course the chips,
With ALL kinds of dips.
A bit of cheese if you please
Some spicy queso if you say so.
A bit of dill would be a thrill.
And then a drink so we can chill.

If you barbeque, invite me two.
I'll bring sangria,
I'm sure that will please ya.
And honey sticks! 
They are just the trick.
For making things yummy
Right and quick.
Great for parties,
Great for fun.
So yeah, invite me.
Invite everyone.

[Food, delicious food.]
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