Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Bit of Power Goes a Long Way

[When you need a pep talk.]

Forget bluster. Don't deflect. Don't act silly. Don't be a wreck.
Pull your shoulders back as far as you can.
Lift your face to the fire.
Your boss isn't the boogeyman.
Speak clearly,
Look people in the eye.
Tell your self,
Your limit is the sky.
And above all else,
Including celebration pie.
Do not let those people,
Make. you. cry.

You are the cougar,
You have the lead,
You know what's needed,
For you to succeed.
Write it all down,
Make a list or two.
Bring out your A game.
I'm rooting for you.

Be ready to fail,
And then get back up.
It's not really failing,
If you never give up.

We are all in your corner,
We've all got your back.
We are still going to be there.
Bit success or the sack.

[Being brave is hard, who said it was easy? I'm rooting for you.]

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