Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Wrap-up

[Did I watch the draft last night? yes. Was it entertaining? Very much so. Who doesn't love a little red carpet, people crying, finding out you got the job, and a game of strategy and cloak and daggers.]

So in summary, we walked a long way, didn't stop to play, ran past a lion, headed our way and off again off again, sprinted away. And that was just a small portion of today. There were bears a plenty, traps and ravines, an old bitter woman who was awfully mean. A cart we had brought, was abandoned when we got caught, trying to steal berries from an old man's lot. We managed a few and lost the rest, but they were delicious, truly the best. And there were hills! so many hills. Difficult to climb, a thrill to descend, my legs will take forever to mend. Worth it for sure! Worthwhile to endure, because oh my, such adventure! Another day done and boy was is fun, can't wait till tomorrow when again we run. 

[Have fun running tomorrow! I might do a bit of hill climbing myself.]

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Draft Night Tonight

[My husband reminded me that tonight is draft night and now I'm tickled. A little red carpet (mom's look so great with their sons!!), a little unexpected surprises, a little worry and uncertainty, and a whole lot of booing! lol. I hope everyone that is watching enjoys the draft!! I know I will.]

The Draft is Coming

I'm not getting picked and neither are you. I'm not sad, nor am I blue. Ok, that's not true. I'm certainly blue, but I won't be crying like an actor on cue. I've got things to do! 

Tonight is the draft! Time really flew fast. Just to think a few months ago, I was having a blast. Screaming for the Patriots to kick some...booty. 

Now it's draft time again and I've invited over friends. We're going to watch the chaos unfold each night till it ends. I've got sheets of suggestions, days of advice, but we both know my predictions won't be right by thrice. 

Who'll go first? Who will go last, those guys on night one will be having a blast. 

I'm looking for running backs! Wide receivers and tight ends. I'm looking to have fun, celebrating with friends. 

Perhaps we should pick a few guys to defend...

[Happy draft night!] 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mom Advice

[I said mom advice, but really, a dad, mom, auntie, uncle, etc all count.]

My Advice to You

Be kind to the littlest kid, Sweet to the biggest bloke,
Humble when you have more than most.
Giving when your friends are broke.

Be the one that stands up for good.
Be that one,
That does what they should
Be the one,
That's always there.
Be the one,
That comes running
When no one else will dare.

Be you.
Be everything you can.
Don't let anyone limit you.
And when your convictions falter
Stand up for you.
Stand tall for others.
Stand proud for me.
Stand strong for your sisters and brothers.

And be you.
Just you.
And to yourself
Be true. 

[And can apply this to more than just the kiddos too :) ]

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Around the Fire

[The weather is shifting, it might just be time for outdoor 
camping instead of indoor camping, e.g. sleeping in beds.]

Away on a voyage,
No place to lay down.
I stare at the fire
My face sporting a frown.
I thought there'd be cabins
With a fridge and beds
But a fire awaited me
And stars overhead.
It could be nice
Could be fun.
But I'm not keen on sleeping
Next to everyone
Uncle Tim Snores
Rob is a bore.
Francy's too nice
Jen...I just can't take any more.
A little piece and quiet
Would be so nice 
But I guess the rocky ground
Will be my sacrifice.
I wasn't the best hiker
It took double the time.
I admit I may have cried
In between each whine.

A fire so bright
A fire burns hot.
A campfire brings us together
And that means a lot. 

[Here's hoping we all make new friends around the campfire.]

Monday, April 24, 2017

Out at Sea

[I feel like sailing away.]

It's time to head out,
On our adventure for two.
I'm looking for excitement.
And I want to share it with you.
A wave might crash,
Lightning might flash.
But we'll keep together,
And just dash, swim, dash.
And perhaps we'll see
A mermaid or whale
Something spectacular
I can turn into a tall tale.
A scary encounter
With a sea monster in blue.
And how you saved me,
You wonderful you.
A peaceful island
Of sun and sand,
We'll have the best time,
Exploring that land.
And then off again,
To the next great place,
A twinkle in your eye
A grin on my face.

[Ahhh, adventure at sea.]

Friday, April 21, 2017

Let Me Tell You Something

[It's the end of the week, but I'm still plugging away. Some of us need to work every day.
But seriously, so tired.]

So, there I was. Sitting away, enjoying the nice weather, from this very nice day. And then comes the wind and a glimmer of light, they both bothered me greatly, and I tried to ignore them with all of my might. But I broke, I snapped, my mind really went wack, I yelled out into the day - Why don't you stop all of that!!!! It was quite the outburst. Quite silly looking I'm sure. But it was realy and honest, totally pure. I sit in the shade, I hide from the sun, that glimmer of light really had me undone. The wind? no worries, I've too much hair, there isn't a wind that can get into there. But the light, oh the light, it just wasn't right. I glared at the sun until it was finally night. 


Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Leading Moment

[Whenever you're wondering 'who's in charge here,' look for the person with the highest ground.]

Standing tall above high, the leader looked down at you and I. We'd lost our map, skinned our knees, we hadn't listened to our leaders pleas. It was a bad moment. I had many regrets. I could see my friend shaking with fret. But it was all for neigh, as our leader looked up to the sky, all that was heard was his long suffering sigh. My shoulders slumped, by unease was dumped, not a mean word was uttered, not even a harrumph. And so off we went on our descent, back to our home, from whence we were sent. To retrieve the item we had left, a bit of food, my friend hadn't wanted to heft. It would be a long trek, the weight of food balancing on my neck, we certainly won't be back in a sec. But soon enough still, our correction would be full-filled, and no longer will we disappoint we thought with a thrill. 

[Don't forget the food on a camping trip campers!]

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Let's Just be Happy

[Cheerfulness if very nice.]

Bring in the band, call in the troops.
Dance all night!
Put this song on loop.
Clear off the floor,
Lay down some beats.
Let's kick back.
And rock with our feet.
Let's enjoy the day.
Celebrate the night.
Let's revel in the joy.
And let our spirits take flight.
Dance around in the corner
Take a partner for a spin.
Bring a smile to our faces.
Celebrate our win.

[Happy happy happy times, bring some cheer, squash some whines.]

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Let's Make Up

[So I may have expressed some angry feeling yesterday - stupid copier - and now I feel we should all come together and hug this one out.]

I may have been angry.
Or terribly upset.
But that was no reason,
To make your eyes all wet.
My feelings are my own.
And you owe me nothing for them
So I should have burdened you
With my lack of zen.
I'm sorry.
I am.
And in full.
I'm sorry my words
Were so very uncool.

[Sharing the happy!]

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Bunny Day and all That Jazz

[I was feeling all excited about a great long weekend and then needed to produce a report that took hours and never got anywhere because I couldn't get the report program to work properly. I know you'all know how I'm feeling right now...]

I should be having the time of my life. But no, I'm annoyed my day is filled with strife. I should have gotten loads and loads done, but no, in the end I was completely undone. I should be giggling and playing with the kids, but no, I'm annoyed and walking around throwing lids. Things that seem easy, should be just that. I should not be huffing and puffing, steam shouldn't be blowing off my hat. I could SCREAM! But people would just think I was mean. No, it's their fault. Those people who made things seem all so easy, easy peezie, lemon squeezie. But it was wasn't easy, not at all. It was surely, my complete downfall. So boo on them, those terrible people, messing up my day, making me feel old and feeble. I hope they know, just how much they messed up. And they better fix it, because I"m not giving up! I will annoy and pester until my very last day, because I do't let up, I don't go away. They crossed the wrong person, when they messed up their codes, and they will regret it, loads and loads. 

[I'm very pestery when I want to be, bad programmers be warned....]

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm Sharing...for now

[When I mess up, I find humor to be a great salve.]

What I told my friend was "I brake things all the time." What I really meant was "I brake your stuff every day."

Here, have chocolate.

I will share this with you,
I know you're blue.
I made a bad choice.
And you did too.

Why would you trust me?
I'm unreliable, can't you see?
I loose everyone's stuff,
 That's the person I happen to be.

I'm forgetful and it's rude.
Way worse than sneaking food.
I borrow for a while,
And then lose things with no style.

I admit that thing you lost,
Was petty boss.
But it mustn't have been that great,
If you let me take it on that date.
You could have said no.
Where is it now? I don't know.

But I'll try very hard to get it back.
Maybe it's just in my sack.
Or behind the couch or in the woods.
I swear, I did all that I could.
But keeping track of things? I'm no good.

So I'll share with you.
I know you're blue.
If I'd shared with me,
I'd be blue too.

[Haha, is there a lesson there? not sure....]

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Little Knowledge on Me

[Truth, a brownie is very different from a blondie.]

I like food.
All kinds of food. 
A little spice is very nice.
A bit of melon will get you yelling.
A row of cookies, oh gosh, oh lookies!
Every flavor pie, oh my
And of course the chips,
With ALL kinds of dips.
A bit of cheese if you please
Some spicy queso if you say so.
A bit of dill would be a thrill.
And then a drink so we can chill.

If you barbeque, invite me two.
I'll bring sangria,
I'm sure that will please ya.
And honey sticks! 
They are just the trick.
For making things yummy
Right and quick.
Great for parties,
Great for fun.
So yeah, invite me.
Invite everyone.

[Food, delicious food.]

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Two Friends at Odds

[I need to secretly eat toast with cinnamon and sugar because 
little mice steal bites when my back is turned.]

They tippie tippie toe into each quiet room.
They sneak and they prance,
Over my snackies they loom.
And from each delicate morsel,
They steal just a bite or two.
And then off they scamper,
To repeat the process on you.
They are sneaks! I tell you.
Sneaky and brave.
To steal little bites,
And yet most they save.
So that I get the most,
But I'm still very annoyed.
I feel that with my emotions,
They very much have toyed. 
So I've set a trap for them.
A clever little trick.
To catch them up,
Silently, but quick.
And then we'll discover,
Who these little thieves are.
And I bet they aren't mice
Riding around in a tiny car.
No, they are much bigger I think,
And soon we'll know
Who are these creatures who slink.
Slink and slither
Tiptoe all a tither
To steal my yums.
And set me all a blither. 
A warning to all,
From me to you.
Don't steal my snackies
Or I'll catch you too. 

[I really like my toast with cinnamon and sugar.]

Monday, April 10, 2017

Listen Up

[A bit of good news for you I think.]

There are two of us here,
And there are more of us there.
We are waiting for you
Because we care.

Anyone else would just
Go about their day.
But us? We're waiting.
Waiting to play.

Waiting for you 
And a day outside.
Where we can go running.
From side to side

And we'll keep on waiting.
As long as it takes.
Because we're friends.
And friends don't take breaks. 

[Happy Monday!]

Friday, April 7, 2017

Bring it All Together

[A little free style Friday Fun]

With you, with me. We are together, that's how it should be. A bit of butter, a side of wine, we should hang out all the time. I'll bring the music, something good, and we'll spend the night eating food. A shout of cheer, a laugh or too, you are the reason the ocean is blue. 

[Happy Friday.}

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Bit of Power Goes a Long Way

[When you need a pep talk.]

Forget bluster. Don't deflect. Don't act silly. Don't be a wreck.
Pull your shoulders back as far as you can.
Lift your face to the fire.
Your boss isn't the boogeyman.
Speak clearly,
Look people in the eye.
Tell your self,
Your limit is the sky.
And above all else,
Including celebration pie.
Do not let those people,
Make. you. cry.

You are the cougar,
You have the lead,
You know what's needed,
For you to succeed.
Write it all down,
Make a list or two.
Bring out your A game.
I'm rooting for you.

Be ready to fail,
And then get back up.
It's not really failing,
If you never give up.

We are all in your corner,
We've all got your back.
We are still going to be there.
Bit success or the sack.

[Being brave is hard, who said it was easy? I'm rooting for you.]

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Bit of the Sea

[Feeling the beach calling? not to much longer now..]

The breeze calls to me
A soft whisper in my ear.

"Come enjoy the sun"
"Stay for the weekend my dear."

The waves crash softly,
Beckoning me nearer.

"Come enjoy the water"
"The view can't be clearer."

The animals scuttle by
Entertaining with their games

A dance just for you.
"What fun!" a girl exclaims. 

A bright sunny day,
Miles of beach to explore.
I feel rather selfish,
But I want more.

[Might be a good weekend for 'sweater weather' beach going. At least for us North Eastern folks.]

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Crochet Brunch

[I like brunch. Lots of tea and cookies. A scone, maybe two scones, some tea. Some quiche, a sandwich, another scone. Excellent.]

I arrive in advance and scout my spot. Are you here? You are not. I settle myself closest to the buffet. I arrange my silverware, I don't play. I've got plans this sunny day, to have high tea in my favorite suit, gray. I order a cafe, I settle my napkin so. I'm waiting for you don't you know. The bell is rung, our service is begun. I fill my plate, until the space is all gone. A bit of berry, to make me merry. A side of egg, oops, some on my leg. A few slices of bread, to make the most, of this sunny-side up toast. Asparagus is good I guess, but cucumber sandwiches are the best. And then the scones, the reason I left home. The reason my belly will soon have a dome. A bit of butter, a smear of jam, a scone brings all the happiness that it can. And where it can't, it fills you up, and all the days worries, it'll interrupt. 

[Happy brunch y'all!]

Monday, April 3, 2017

A Bit of Balancing

[So admittedly, I don't balance so well.....]

I could lie and say I juggle, 
Tell a fib about balancing too.
But what problem would that solve?
Except creating a wedge between me and you.

I'm terrible at balancing.
Rotten to the core.
So I say we knock it off
And just say "No more."

It's ok to prioritize.
And no, you won't always be first.
But at least you know when it's your turn.
And I promise, you're so much better than the worst.

I want to give you all my attention.
And really have fun when we go out.
So let's agree I work too much.
But there's really no need to pout.

If you really need me.
Just say so and I'll be there.
There's no priority so important
That's I'd fail to show you that I care. 

[Here's hoping those two things get done.]
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