Wednesday, March 29, 2017

You Can Be Angry

[I am a firm believer in the cauterizing emotion of anger, expressed in an appropriate manner.... like smooshing bananas in your hands because you are powerful and you can do that.]

I feel angry. Angry and mad. I'm mad at you for making me sad. You are not a good person, not nice to me. I'm angry at you for being hungry. I was going to eat that doughnut. I'd saved it special for me. But you went and took it, you're selfish and I see. I'm going to tell, to mom and everyone. I'm going tell everyone that you are no fun. You eat ALL the doughnuts and save none for me. You even take mine and that shouldn't be. So that's it you hear me. I've had enough, I'm going tell, I'm calling your bluff. And then everyone will know, everyone plus me. That you hurt my feelings and then I'll feel free. 

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