Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I'm Not At Work Today

[You'll never know, am I at work....or aren't I? Will the poetry still get read if I'm not there? I wonder...]

Whether I'm there or not, whether I'm here or there, whether we go or stay. Doesn't matter today. It's not the presence or absence, the then or there, it's the stories we tell, the secrets we bare. It's the friendship we foster, the camaraderie we build, it's the mastery we form, practicing together in a field. Whatever we share, whatever makes us the same. It makes us special, not weird or lame. I've got good feelings about you and I, I've got high hopes, of us reaching the sky. Be it in science, art, or math; Music or drama, or some other path. I'm ready to trudge with you, and gain new heights. I think now is the time, now the time is right. 

[Keep climbing those mountains y'all! I believe in you.]
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