Thursday, March 23, 2017

I'm Laughing at You

[If you trip in a dramatic exaggerated way, I might giggle a little. As long as you're fine, that is.]

I fell over today.
I fell over really well.
Fell right on my wrist.
Now it's starting to swell.

I went to the doctor today,
A doctor named June.
She patched me up with a cast.
I was eating ice cream by noon.

I took a nap today.
On my comfy red couch.
I had to rest my arm.
It's not that I'm a slouch.

I learned to cook one-handed today.
And brush my teeth as well.
I can do anything one-handed.
Which is swell.

But I wish I hadn't tripped today.
It wasn't very fun.
But I admit when you giggled.
I knew I hadn't been undone.

You can recover today.
And be better tomorrow.
If you laugh with your friends.
Instead of reveling in sorrow. 

[I would probably laugh at me too if I'm honest.]
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