Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Will Stop Right Here

[That moment when you've been running so long you forgot your were running for a split second and then you wake up and realize your still running and you're so bummed.]

This spot is the spot where I stop.
I will not go further, I'll drop.
My legs are worn out,
My body is not stout.
I really don't know what this walk is all about.

I will not go further from here.
I will not go further my dear.
My feet are all gone,
This is no longer fun.
I'm really not loving this a ton.

I'm pretty much out of gas.
So go ahead and give me your sass.
You can laugh all you want.
I really won't front.
I've reached the end of this hunt.

I've succeeded as far as I can
I still can't believe that I ran.
Now I plan to sit here.
And this carrot with no fear.
So please go away now my dear.

[Some people just like to eat peace.] 

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