Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Asked for Three

[When you really wanted like a whole basket of fries and they only bring you a side.]

A bit together, never a part.
A trio of friends
Except someone forgot. 
I've only two of my trio so far.
I guess my friend.
Forgot to jump in the car. 
How can we play basketball?
It won't be any fun
I'll keep losing, if my friend doesn't come.
Two vs one?
A bit off balance I say
Gosh why oh why did this happen today?
I sent out invitations
Called to check in,
But now I have two!
Where has the third been?

Ok, I can do this.
I can continue my fun.
Maybe tomorrow we'll have everyone.
Today lets play tag,
Or go fishing at the park.
I'm going to enjoy this day!
Until it gets dark.

[Lesson learned, eat the fries and then order more. You can make a basket, it doesn't have to come that way.]

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