Friday, March 24, 2017

Headed Home

[I love family. The blood relatives, the married in relatives, and the people you call brother or sister or mom or uncle or whatever because it's the best description possible and you just really love having that person in your life.]

After a long time searching,
I'm with my family today.
It took me a while to find them
Sometimes I thought I'd lost my way.
But today it's right here.
And I'll be with them always,
Going to each event, or waiting nervously in hallways.

Today is so special.
To me most of all,
I spent forever waiting,
Waiting for someone to answer my call.

But amazingly,
Happily still.
I found them, 
I found them.
And I'll never get my fill.

I'll hold them and hug them,
And cherish them to no end.
And even when travelling,
My love I'll send. 

[I hope everyone has a gun weekend with family and see you on Monday.]

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