Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Head Up not Down

[Something I'm sure Ants don't do: When you're trying to look all cool and you trip on a rock and fall on your face.]

I look up and around
I look both ways around town.
I wait for the light every time.
I never cut in line.
I wear my helmet
When riding around.
I can't believe
I fell down.
And not just down.
But way down,
Down to the ground
And in the middle of town.
I skinned my knee
Ripped my T.
And, I know they didn't mean it,
But my friends made fun of me.
I was trying to impress you see.
A nice person
That I wanted to look at me.
But now they see me just fine.
I'm that ant that fell that time.

[Buck up though, it's memorable and I doubt clumsiness is seen as a huge flaw... or at least no one's held it against me and my dexterity is 8 and that's with a +2 modifier.]
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