Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Atop A Mighty Hill

[Sometimes, you just want to be slightly higher up.]

I'm the friend of Bill,
He lives on a hill.
We went to high school together,
He was kind of a buzz kill.
He kept saying "I am Mighty"
And embellishing slightly
All the great things he invented
Like the famous 'flashlighty."
But all-in-all, I count him the best
At being my friend, and that's a hard test.
There's a writing sample, 
And a speaking bit,
Most people don't pass, they really weren't fit.
But Bill I can tell you
Came out in force,
To show himself the best...of course.
He shows up at parties
And brings cheese and wine.
And he listens to me whine. 
All. The. Time.
He never complains,
Never leaves early.
He even cleans up!
Leaves my kitchen all pearly.
And at the end a long day.
I'd rather have Bill.
Then a bunch of 'friends'
That give me no thrill. 

[And now to go hug my friends!]

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