Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Pair of Us

[I'm ready for some bud-time.]

Listen, I'm not saying I see me in your eyes or anything. But I do really enjoy hanging out with you. 

It's cool, I get it.

I have work friends. 
We see each other every day.
We work, we do not play.
We laugh about sports and 
Discuss bad weather.
We discuss the office
And the need for a sweater.
We do not hangout after work.
Honestly, not seeing work friends is a perk.

I see them when I walk in,
And they see me and where I've been.
Off to the kitchen for coffee or tea,
Off to the bathroom, they always see
Off to a meeting or sneaking out for lunch.
I always see them!
So no to weekends, thanks a bunch.

  I want to feel the calm of quiet.
Not the questions 'are you still on that diet?'
Or the eyes ever tracking me
To and fro,
I think they know more about what I don't know.
And they always always no where I go.

So no no no to weekends.
I'll see them tomorrow.
I'll see them next week.
I see them more than my mom!
That's weak.

[Ok, maybe just once.]

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