Friday, March 3, 2017

A Guessing Game

[When the answer just isn't all that clear.]

Folks, Our little friend here needs a bit of cheering up. Why don't we play a guessing game ok?

What is red and white
And sleeps all night
Begs for treats,
Get's into fights.
Fears all cats,
Short, small or fat.
And cannot stand,
The sound of that?

A horse you say?
No where, no way.
A horse won't beg
Even when they play.

A Snake perhaps?
Does a snake take naps?
Surely there's a better answer
Than that.

How about a pig,
Cute as can be.
But remember,
A pig can't be as cute as me!

A dog!
You're right!
Now isn't that a sight.
Cute as can be
And in red and white.

[Happy Friday!! Enjoy a lovely weekend.]

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