Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Few Too Many New Ideas

[When you have 4 meetings in one day and your brain just shuts off. And then you get hungry.]

I could stare at this view forever.
I could stare for ever and a day.
I could stare until the clouds roll in.
And the sun goes away.

My mind has collapsed.
Narry a spark is found
In my syntax.

It's a puzzling thing.
To feel not a sizzle
Or a bling.
Or even just a tingaling.

To feel your limbs move around.
But have no idea how you got through town.

And then you find yourself lying down.
On the ground.
Staring off into a wonderland that you found. 

I may work too much I think.
Or perhaps this is instinct.
A little rest for the mind
From time to time.

Either way, I do not mind.

[I think my mind too could use a hike.]
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