Monday, March 27, 2017

A Day Out

[Rather than off to labor away, let's head out to the lake today.]

Paul headed out,
On a sunny day in spring.
To get a bit of sun,
On his boat and everything.
He brought a few friends.
And a snack or two.
They were acting a bit bonkers.
Like birds at the zoo.
A scuffle occurred, a bit of dissent.
And down into the water they went.
Some gasping could be heard.
Some flapping of wings
The roar of a lion
If you can believe such things.

But not to fear,
It was not a lion they could hear.
It was good old chuck on the shore
Encouraging them to do even more.

Shaking their heads they headed off again.
Boating around,
Fun in the sun with friends.

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